Chalk this one up to what will they think of next?  Yes glitter beer is now a thing, The glitter beer made its debut at breweries like Ska Brewing in Colorado, Three Weavers Brewing Company out in California and at Bold Missy Brewery in North Carolina.  Would you try it if or when it comes to Buffalo?  Hey we drink green beer for St. Patty's Day so I guess this isn't all that different.

I would love to be in one of these brainstorming meetings at agencies that have to come up with the newest thing.  I mean I want to meet the person who said, let's make beer glittery.  I wonder if after you see this video you'll be up for trying a beer that glitters?  I would as long as it doesn't leave glitter on my lips or tongue like those annoying glitter bombs people send in Christmas cards.  Cheers!



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