It may be the most exciting time of the year for fans of professional sports and there was a big moment that has everyone in New York and Toronto talking this week.

When you are a kid, and just getting started in sports, the dream is to one day be a hero for the team and the city you play for. The bottom of the ninth walk-off homer, the field goal to win the game, the shootout goal or the three pointer at the buzzer are the moments we fantasize over.

When it comes to being a fan, although it destroys your nerves, these are the moments that keep you coming back and spending money on tickets or watching endless hours of games; win or lose!

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This week, baseball fans, and fans of the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays were treated to a massive, comeback home run hit! The Yankees salvaged their series finale against the Blue Jays with a 6-4 win at Rogers Centre. It was the 437 foot BOMB from Giancarlo Stanton that will be on repeat on most highlight reels!

The little league season is just getting started and kids and parent across New York State are adjusting their schedules and planning for an exciting spring and summer. We have three sons who are in little league and t-ball this year. Like most parents, I dream of them being big stars. However, I also know that a very small percentage of players ever make it to the big leagues. So, for now, the goal is to have fun!

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