25 years.

Clay Moden has been here at WYRK for 25 years. The station is only 40 years old, as of this year, so that's some serious time. 25 years is a long time in any job, but in broadcasting, dang...that is something. I would say that Clay is very lucky to be here as long as he has, but really I guess it is us that's lucky. I work with the guy, but really we are all in the same boat, where we have be able to get to know Clay, grow up or with Clay and have him entertain us every single morning for the past 25 years. Over those years you know Clay has entertained us, made us think, made us cry and certain has given us some belly laughs. Clay LOVES to get out in the public and meet everyone, too. Not every radio host does that. He is just a normal guy that we have all felt like we are friends with him, even if you've never met him.

I would listen to him as a kid, badger him to play my requests in high school and ironically, somehow I now sit across from him every morning. You may already know this, but Clay is the most generous person, a family man, a leader in this community, but even more importantly.... a better friend.

25 years is cool. But if you ask him what his biggest accomplishment is. I bet you 25 bucks his answer has nothing to do with WYRK. It would be his family.

Lets take a look at things that were MUCH different in 1996! LOL Here are some things that were happening...and weren't even invented yet when Clay started in 1996:

  • Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 8.25% 
  • Average Cost of new house $118,200.00 
  • Average Income per year $36,300.00
  • A gallon of gas was $1.22
  • Major League Soccer began
  • The Jumbotron fell.
  • Princess Diana and Prince Charles are officially divorced during August of 1996.
  • Nintendo 64 came out.
  • The arena was Marine Midland Arena
  • Jim Kelly was still the quarterback for the Bills.
  • Pokemon was invented in 1996.
  • Amazon was 1 year old in 1996.

What was NOT around, though? 

  • Josh Allen was not born yet...neither was Jack Eichel.
  • People did not have cell phones yet.
  • And this one is REALLY going to make you feel old....DVD's were not out yet.

Take a look at some of the pictures over the years and please, if you have some randomly in your picture books, take a picture and send them in (phones were not around in the mid 90s lol so they are not on the phones) so we can add them!


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