Earlier today, we saw that Taylor Swift's jet made a stop in Buffalo.  Immediately the internet needed to know why.  So we made up our own reasons.

It's always entertaining to see how people can take something and run with it on the internet...even when it's completely wrong.  Today, someone got some information that Taylor Swift's famous jet with the 13 written on the front of it (because it's her favorite number) had landed in Buffalo.  No one really knows why.  The closest answer that we found that could be correct was that it was just a stop on it's way to California.

It seems like a pretty boring reason to stop here.  So we made some up that sound a little more fun.  They're all completely wrong, for sure.  But at least they're a little more entertaining than the fact that she just stopped here to gas up.

  1. They’re filming a sequel to the movie Valentine’s Day…only this time, it’s called Dyngus Day
  2. She just REALLY loves Cheerios
  3. Taylor wanted to come to the home of the Buffalo Wing for National Chicken Wing Day
  4. She’s performing the National Anthem at Buffalo Bills training camp
  5. It’s not actually her…it’s a replica of her…and her jet.
  6. She ran out of sponge candy
  7. She’s having lunch with Josh Allen
  8. She’s writing new songs and heard that Buffalo guys can be real jerks
  9. She’s broken records…now she wants to break tables
  10. She meant to stop in Canada
  11. Kim and Terry Pegula bought her music catalog
  12. She has a restraining order for you…again

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