Every night I have a 'What the Heck' story for you, and I'll start posting them all so you can go back and read all these bizarre stories that happen across the country. Tonight's story involves a couple men and a burrito.

Erik Brown, 36, of Florida, is facing a misdemeanor charge after allegedly battering a teenage relative with a Taco Bell burrito. Brown throttled the 16-year-old boy in the face with the burrito inside the Taco Bell located in Port St. Lucie.

On February 15, the victim called the cops after getting a burrito to the head and said that he was in a verbal altercation with Brown, his brother-in-law. According to the Smoking Gun, Brown then allegedly threw the burrito “with force” at the victim, striking the boy in the face with the fast food item.

While interviewing the teen, cops noted that he had “burrito cheese, sauce and meat all over his clothing and face.”

Brown told police that the victim was disrespectful to his mother and had cursed at the woman. He also acknowledged that he had “delivered” the burrito.

Well, maybe kids should learn a little more respect. What do you think?