Wynonna Judd has never been shy when addressing her weight fluctuations, so it's no surprise that the 'No One Else on Earth' superstar is being completely candid when explaining her reasons for joining the just-announced cast of 'Dancing With the Stars.'

According to Judd, the immense weight loss experienced by her pal, actress Kirstie Alley, during her own stint on the popular reality series is the catalyst for leaving her life in Nashville for west coast living to tape the Los Angeles-based program.

"This is a great diversion for me because it will focus on self-care, which for women -- especially working as hard as I do -- we forget to put ourselves on the list," Wynonna tells People.

The singer adds, "I've talked to Kirstie so many times. She said if you have fun and you do everything that you're going to be doing with your heart, the rest will follow. I really believe that. She really misses [the show]."

Judd sites her husband's devastating motorcycle accident and subsequent leg amputation as the most recent event that has derailed her efforts to become a healthier individual.

"I definitely went into being the wife and caretaker, and I let myself go in terms of way down the list," says the devoted wife and mother. "There were days and days and days that I didn't walk. I'm a walker, and I'm always telling my fans how to be healthy. It's not about size and numbers."

"But I can honestly say I've seen the pictures from when I got married and before, and I see them now and I think, 'You know what? I deserve to be healthy. I'm worth it,'" continues Judd.

Judd hopes her own story of determination will resonate with skeptics who dismissed her as a possible candidate for the show. "It's cool because I don't think a lot of people thought that I would be doing this show," she explains, "there's a little bit of me that goes, 'Oh, really? Watch this.' I do have a competitive part of me."

Judd, as well as fellow country superstar Kellie Pickler, will help kick off Season 16 of 'Dancing With the Stars' on March 18 at 8:00PM ET on ABC.

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