The debate continues.  Where should the line be drawn between discipline and abuse?  It seems even in these days that we are still divided on the difference.

I just told the story on the air about a woman who spent Easter Sunday in jail after allegedly using a taser on her 16 year old son to get him out of bed.

She was trying to get him out of bed on Sunday morning because she wanted the family to go to church.

"I said, 'Get up!  It's Jesus's day!'"  That's what Sharron Dobbins started with.  But when he refused to get up, she brought out her stun gun.

She claimed that she just made the sound to scare him out of bed.  But police said the boy had marks on him that showed she used the weapon on him.

Dobbins was arrested and spent the day in jail instead of with her family.

This is where our conversation began.  Multiple phone calls rolled in with people saying whether or not they thought she was justified in her method.