This got interesting real quick.

Last night I proposed the question, "What do you REALLY hate that your husband or wife does, but you just won't tell them?"

Half of the answers were inappropriate (yet funny), but the other half found themselves coming up over and over again.

What did you put down for your answer?

  • 1


    "I hate when my husband cooks. It's not always bad, but it's never good enough to be excited about. He should just stop."

  • 2

    Backseat Driving

    "Ahhh, she drives like a grandma, and she's only 27. I've learned to shut up."

  • 3

    Being A Slob

    "My wife is a slob in our bathroom. I can't tell her that though..."

  • 4

    Stepfather Problems

    "My girlfriend has a 3 year old and yells at her daughter in front of me so much it gets awkward."

  • 5

    Her Hair!

    "When she asks: How does my hair look? YOU ALWAYS RESPOND 'GREAT!'"

  • 6

    His Car

    "My husband has this old car he always works on that used to be his father's. I don't have the heart to ever tell him it's the ugliest car ever."

  • 7


    "My boyfriend used to fart all the time. I never used to say anything. He still farts, and now I've learned to yell about it."