Last night we talked about things that men should ALWAYS know about their woman.

The calls I got from men vs. women were hilarious. This needs no more introduction. Men, get your crap together: Here's what you should know about your girl. What more can we add to this list?

  • 1

    When To Shut Up

  • 2

    When Their Woman Is Ovulating...

    "...And then continue to know when to shut up." -- A male caller.

  • 3

    How To Plan A Date

  • 4

    "If A Woman Tells You To Do 'Whatever You Want', DO NOT Do Whatever You Want"

    From a female caller. I fall into this trap daily.

  • 5

    Know Her Favorite Restaurant

    And take her there.

  • 6

    Tell Her How You Feel About Her


  • 7

    It's Cheating As Soon As You're Doing Something With Her That You Wouldn't Want Your Wife To See, Read or Hear

  • 8

    Playing On Your Phone While She's Next To You On The Couch IS NOT Romantic

    From a male caller.

  • 9

    What Is Expected Of You Around The House

    ...without being told.

  • 10

    "Men Should Know That Their Wives Are Lie Detectors"

    "We know when you lie. And we will find out." -- Clearly, from a female caller, haha.

  • 11

    "Women Are Responders"

    "So if there is friction/conflict in the relationship, she is most likely responding to something that is off center...and it is going to take an actual conversation where you use words to figure out what it is." -- From a female caller.

  • 12

    Their Woman's Bra Size

    From a male caller. Does anyone else agree with this one?

  • 13

    Say 'I Love You' More

  • 14

    That Women Should Never Have To Tell You Any Of The 13 Things Above


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