It's come to our attention that most people aren't dressing as they used to.  Whether you're at home or still going to work, a lot of people are wearing different things these days...

It occurred to me last week as I was getting dressed and I asked my wife, "Today is Tuesday...right?"  She responded with, "Why, is that going to change what sweatpants you wear today?"

Yup...I've fallen into the sweatpants or pajama pants all-day routine.

But let's be honest.  When will many of us ever have this chance to dress like this ever again?  Hopefully never!  But this is where we are right now.  Many of us are stuck at home (whether we are working or not).  We need to just own it.  Celebrate it!  Love the freedom of the sweatpants and pimp our pants.

And this isn't just for people who are at home.  Essential workers are dressing differently too.  If you aren't meeting clients like you once did, there's a chance that you've dressed down a bit too.

So I started asking you to share your pants with me on my facebook page.  Pimp your pants, bring them britches, leave a pic of your leggings.  And you are just a few of our WYRK listeners with their #PantsOfTheDay Pics...

Pants of the Day


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