What a great time we had on Saturday at Mickey Rats for our Sun Of A Beach Festival! I have to admit, I was worried the weather wouldn't cooperate. However, around 2:30 p.m., the skies cleared and the sun came out as bright as ever! When the temperature heated up, so did the fun!

Neville Francis & the Riddim Posse was the first act of the day. Their island-themed sound was perfect for an early afternoon on the beach. Although the crowd didn't really pick up 'til they were almost finished, they set the perfect tempo to what was going to be a full afternoon of great live music.

The ZBTB (Zac Brown Tribute Band) was spot-on with their set. Song after song, I kept mentioning to people how good they sounded. This band is doing it right. They found a niche at the right time. As cover bands go, they were one of the best I have seen! Not only was it clear they practice often, but they sure seemed to have a great on stage, and so did the crowd! Dancing in the sand was never so much fun!

Finally, the main act...Changes In Latitudes. They are simply amazing. I have never been a big fan of Jimmy Buffett's music. However, they may have converted me. The mix of originals with Buffett covers and covers from other artists like George Strait was just plain fun! Watching their set, dancing in the sand with the sun and breeze off Lake Erie will be one of the highlights of this summer!!

Thanks to all the came out -- look forward to seeing you Thursday for the Joe Nichols show!!