Let everyone else enjoy the hype but we will stay true to the chicken wing! With the popularity of the food spiking in recent years the demand has gone up and of course that reflected in the the price the consumers paid. The price in fact got so high that some restaurants didn't even want to carry them even more that they took them off the menu.

According to Bloomberg,

"Wholesale wing prices in the U.S. Northeast reached as high as $2.1878 a pound in September, the highest ever in U.S. Department of Agriculture data for the past seven years. Since then, the cost has slumped about 37 percent and now sits at a seasonal four-year low."

So what does this mean for chicken wing lovers? Low prices are here to stay for awhile! Wholesale prices should stay low until that pesky Super Bowl makes its way around again, then we will see another spike in popularity of the Buffalo staple.

Until then we will take advantage of this glorious news right as the weather is getting warmer and up our intake of chicken wings!

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