This year we were very lucky to experience the warmest March on record for Western New York. On March 17th (Saint Patrick's Day), my buddy Tony showed up at my house on his Harley. After we spent 45 minutes digging my Harley out of the back of my garage, he and I took off on a 100 mile ride all around Western New York. It was about 76 degrees that day and a perfect day for riding.

Since then, I have been dying to get the bike out again, but the recent weather has not been cooperating. As we were nearing the end of last week, I was hoping that Sunday could be a possibility for a Harley ride. I made sure I got most of my weekend chores done on Saturday and early Sunday to free up my schedule.

Sure enough, yesterday turned out to be a great day for a Harley ride. If you ride a motorcycle, then you know what I am talking about. Otherwise, if you don't ride, it's like that t-shirt says: "If I Have To Explain It, You Probably Wouldn't Understand".

Temperatures were in the lower 50's yesterday afternoon, but still, it was a great day to ride. I saw a lot of other bikes out there too. Make sure you look twice and save a life as motorcycles are everywhere.