Do you remember when Yolanda Vega came to the Erie County Fair to award Cheektowaga resident Linda Bright with a check for $1,000,000?

She brought a smile to a lot of faces that day, especially Linda's (no doubt about that). WNLO caught up with Yolanda Vega after presenting the check to talk with her about how she ended up becoming the face of the New York State Lottery.

"The right place at the right time is how I got the job," Vega said. "One day when I was in the job about six months and I was still doing the practicing in the on air presentation, I had a lot of espresso."

"And [then] I walked in and said, 'I'm Yolaaaaanda Vega,' and the program manager in charge said 'wa-wa-wa-wa-wait that's a lot of time,' and I said, 'That's my name, it's who I am and I'm really proud,'" Vega said.

"And I kind of continued saying it," Vega said with a smile.

People at the Erie County Fair the day of Linda Bright's payday loved listening to Yolanda talk, especially when she said her name but also the town of Cheektowaga.

"I've always wanted to name my daughter Cheektowagaaaa Vega."

You can play back the interview below.

She was the voice and face for the New York Lottery for 32 years and it felt like everyone in the state knew who she was.

Recently, Yolanda Vega announced her retirement.

There will never be another like Yolanda Vega and we wish her the best.

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