A woman got a phone call from school that her 6-year-old son Patrick, who is a special needs student at Pine Ridge Elementary in Stone Mountain, Ga. was arrested. According to Yahoo: Mrs Reid said:

They said he wasn’t having a good day. My husband and I walked into the school and heard my son yelling and screaming.”

She then found her son handcuffed and on his knees with the resource officer holding him in place.

The first thing I said was ‘Get those handcuffs off my kid,’ because that’s something no mother wants to see on a 6-year-old,” the mom of four says. “He wasn’t robbing anyone, he wasn’t harming anyone. Kids should know if you do something wrong you will pay a consequence, but handcuffs at 6? That’s not right.”

The DeKalb County School District sent the following statement to Yahoo Parenting:

A six year old student at Pine Ridge Elementary School was acting in a disruptive manner and being self-destructive during school today. He ran out of school onto a busy, public street and was pursued by three school staff members. The student was secured and returned to the school and placed in a room with a special education teacher, the school counselor and the School Resource Officer (SRO) to protect him from doing harm to himself. After several unsuccessful attempts, his parents were contacted and asked to come immediately to the school.  For approximately one hour, the student was scratching, kicking and hitting school personnel and continued to exhibit violent behavior, running into walls, banging his head on tables and placing his health at risk.  At this point, the SRO placed handcuffs on the student to protect him from harming himself.  When the parents arrived, they were told the student was handcuffed for his personal safety.”

The mother is asking exactly how he got through the front doors to begin within.