Can you believe that Ramen Noodles has been around for 50 years?

You may have had tons and tons of Ramen Noodles in yourlifetime, espeically during your time at college, but did you know you were actually eating one of the all-time greatest 'fix it' materials?

It's true!

Maybe your bathroom sink is cracked or your bathtub has a chip, maybe a plate or cup? It can be fixed with Ramen Noodles! This has been all over social media the past couple of years and people still have not seen them!

How is it done?

1.) Go to the store and grab tons of Ramen Noodles
2.) First identify the chip and put some super glue around the edges of the chip
3.) Blend up a ton of ramen noodles, including the seasoning.
4.) Depending on the chip, you may need to put some tape behind the chip so that the noodles are held in place.
5.) Completely douse the noodles in super glue
Let dry
6.) Start sanding down the noodles until they are smooth and to the perfect consistancy of your item
7.) Spray paint the color.

Check out the video below! Now, don't think it's going to be holding you up LOL You'll see what I mean when you watch.

Also, Ramen is hiring a "Chief Noodle Officer" to help test out new recipes and they're going to pay a big buck! They'll pay you $10,000, plus give you a 50-year supply of Top Ramen products. Not bad at all! You can apply here!

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