The launch of Disney+ will be coming on November 12th and it's safe to say that people are pretty excited for the new streaming service. But are you excited enough to watch 30 movies in 30 days?

According WIVB, wants to hire someone to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days.

What will that earn you? $1,000 and a free one-year subscription for Disney+. You will also get a Disney-themed movie watching kit.

“Do you sing along with your kiddos when they belt out “Let It Go”? (Or maybe when you’re alone in the shower?) Is Halloween the perfect time to live out your dreams of becoming a pretty princess or spectacular superhero? We think you’d be perfect for the job!”’s website says.

All you have to do to apply for the position is fill out a questionnaire and submit a video review of your favorite Disney movies. You have to 18 or older.

You can apply until November 7th. You can apply here.

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