I am not a big TV consumer, but it seems that every time I turn on my big-screen  "Love Island" is on.

I know the show has a loyal following, but how would you like to get paid for watching it?

The website FandomSpot.com is looking for a fan of the show to binge-watch the entire current season and write about it for their site, in return for a $5,000 fee.

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You could be the first ‘Love Island Investigator and Editor’ following the CBS series. The winning candidate will create content about the reality show and give fans the scoop on all of the show’s ‘drama’ they may have missed or are otherwise unaware of. 

Anyone wishing to apply for the role is able to do so here: https://www.fandomspot.com/love-island-investigator-editor/ 

The ideal candidate should be a ‘huge fan of the show’ with a great knowledge of the series’ history along with tactics that contestants might be using to get ahead of the game.

The third season of Love Island USA started in July and will be airing through the month of August. The closing date for applications is Monday, August 9th, with the selected individual starting immediately. The Love Island "investigator and editor" will be working approximately three hours a day to watch the show, read Love Island news and ‘gossip’ blogs, follow relevant social media conversations, and investigate any possible backlash after every episode, in order to write content for the site. 

Applicants don't require official qualifications, however, they must be over the age of 18, with strong writing, digital literacy, as well as investigative skills, and be social media savvy.

The job is on a project basis, though if the role is successful there could be future opportunities to create content for upcoming Love Island seasons.

Alyssa Celatti of FandomSpot.com, said,

“Unlike other writing roles that require qualifications and previous editorial experience, we believe this job is best suited for someone who is a show superfan with insight of what fans, like them, want to know and read about. We are super excited to get this new stream of content out there and with the series flying by we want to hire someone as soon as possible, so if this job is a bit of you, please apply now!”


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