If you have been waiting for your Federal stimulus check, you could have it today

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WHEC-TV in Rochester is reporting that checks from the Federal Government could be directly deposited into your account as early as today.

The first group of Americans who will receive the cash are people who have already given their bank account information to the IRS. That means people who have filed their taxes either this year or last year, as well as social security beneficiaries who have direct deposit.

Not sure how much you could expect? Here is a look at the approved stimulus plan.

According to the guidelines, If you made less than $75,000 in 2019, you'll receive $1,200. If you filed your taxes as a couple and made less than $150,000 will get $2,400. If you have kids, for every child you would get an additional $500. If you are on Social Security, you will also receive a check for the same amounts.


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