You have just 3 more days to make sure you get your piece of the pie of the largest record settlement in New York State.

Last year, Charter Spectrum and NY state agreed to a $174.2 million dollar consumer fraud settlement with nearly $62.5 million in direct refunds for consumers. Also, some people were eligible for several months of free HBO or Showtime

If you haven't received your free channels yet, you have until Friday claim their free Showtime or HBO by calling 1-833-422-8795.

How do you know if you are getting free channels, If you get both your internet and cable through Charter Spectrum, as part of the settlement, you would be entitled to three free months of HBO or six free months of Showtime.

If you only receive TV service, you'll be entitled to a free month of the company's Spectrum TV Choice and  Internet-only customers will also get a free month of Showtime.

Again, if you are not sure about your free HBO or Showtime call 1-833-422-8795

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