It's always a good thing to expand your horizons and increase your vocabulary.  It makes you sound more intelligent...unless you start using words like this.

They say you learn something new every day.  Today I learned a word that I hadn't ever heard before.  Or at least, I hadn't ever seen it spelled this way, and heard it used to mean this. Once you've learned this word, you might wish you could un-learn it.

Do you know that there's actually a word to describe the action of putting on makeup?  No, it's not "freshening up."  The word I'm talking about is "Fard."

According to Merriam-Webster, fard means to put on makeup.

Fard:  (verb) to paint (the face) with cosmetics

See...I told you might want to un-learn it.

So you could actually say that you needed a little extra time before you left to fard.  Or that you would have been on time, but your wife just couldn't stop farding in the bathroom before you left.

Learning.  You are welcome.

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