Don't throw out those lotto tickets just yet!  We know that the Mega Millions jackpot tomorrow night is the biggest ever, but someone in WNY has already won big.

Of course, big is a subjective term.  With the jackpot at the level where it is, $1 million seems small now, but someone who bought a ticket at the Tops on Military Road in the Town of Niagara is going to be able to take care of a ton of their bills.

Officials from the lottery said the ticket was purchased at that Tops market in Niagara county but the winner has not yet stepped forward to claim their prize.

Whoever it is that purchased that ticket is one of 4 $1 million New York State winners from Friday night's draw.  According to WKBW, the other winners came from Middletown, Yonkers, and the Bronx.

They have a full year to claim their prize.


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