This polar vortex and blizzard have just about everyone in Western New York bundled up in their houses (with most probably drinking, if I know Buffalo well enough) thanks to driving bans and whiteout conditions across the region. Nearly 700 school closings and businesses were reported on Tuesday when the storm hit hard, with thousands of more businesses closed.

Luckily, if you were stuck inside and had nothing to do (and even if you did have something to do or could put down your glass of wine for a second), Twitter was entertaining us for hours and hours.

As the Buffalo Sabres game was canceled Tuesday night, whoever's responsible for @LindyRuffsTie was the ringleader on a massively popular hashtag, #SabresSleepover. Now, who really knows if the Sabres had a sleepover (probably not, unless they room together), but Twitter made pretend they did in hilarious fashion.