Last weekend was the Youth Turkey Hunt sponsored by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Earlier this week we featured 14 year old Matthew Vizzi who harvested his first turkey in Caneadea, NY.

Many other Western New York junior hunters were also successful and sent me their photos. I am proud of each one of these kids. Congratulations on a job well done!

Here's the photos of some these WYRK listeners and their birds.

Anthony Cottrell

14 year old Anthony Cottrell of Lancaster got this tom in Orchard Park. The bird weighed 20 lbs. and had a 10 and a half inch beard.


Matteo Caliguri

13 year old Matteo Caliguri who harvested his turkey using a single shot 20 guage shot gun.


Alyssa Tomczyk

15 year old Alyssa Tomczyk who got this 18 lb. bird in Machias. Alyssa was also successful last year as well. She hunts with dad.


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