It seems kinda strange that they feel it was necessary to post a sign at Kenmore Mercy Hospital warning people not to put their hands in the toilet.  It makes you wonder whether people were actually doing this so often that they felt they had to put a stop to it.

Dale Mussen photo
Dale Mussen photo

It seems the toilets at Kenmore Mercy are equipped with a device that allows only toilet paper to be flushed down the drain.  Apparently it prevents wipes, plastic bags or any other such foreign object to be flushed and somehow it involves sharp edges, so that's why there's the warning.

I'm usually pretty good at figuring out how things work, but this one has me baffled.  And I'm not about to try because I enjoy having fingers and the sign leads me to believe that if I get my fingers anywhere even close to this device I'm going to lose them.  So when I use these scary toilets in the hospital I keep my distance which means I'm only going Number-1.

But the other question I have is how many people would insert their hands into ANY public toilet?  Is that a thing?  What would make someone want to put their hands in a toilet anyway?  If you dropped your phone in the toilet would you go fishing for it?  How about a diamond ring?  A gold doubloon?

My advice to you if you have to visit any restroom at Kenmore Mercy Hospital keep your valuables in a safe place and keep your hands out of the toilets.

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