A crazy video on Wednesday night.

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According to 13 WHAM in Rochester, an ice resurfacing machine caught fire at the Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex in Henrietta (a suburb of Rochester) on Wednesday night. No one was injured in the blaze.

The management at the iceplex says a hose in the machine broke, which was leaking fluid into the motor, causing the fire.

No players were on the ice at the time.

You can see the wild video below.

I played organized hockey for seven years and have been to at least a few hundred games in my life, and I have never seen this happen before. If you've ever been near a Zamboni (ice surfacing machine) it's a pretty cool vehicle that has a lot of working parts to clean and resurface the ice. It acts much like a car and I've seen some car fires before, so a Zamboni fire is also possible.

The best news is nobody was hurt. Naturally, this happened in 2020, because of course, right!?

Find the full story at 13 WHAM in Rochester.

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