Three games into the preseason and the Buffalo Bills have yet to make a decent showing.  Well, ok, the starters looked alright early in the game against the Steelers on Saturday night, but they still have a way to go.  At times, it looked like Ryan Fitzpatrick and his receivers were using different playbooks

Then Vince Young replaced Fitzpatrick in the second half and threw a pair of interceptions - really bad throws.  He played the entire second half and really gave the Bills no reason to keep him.  Travis Thigpen didn't play at all.  The play of both this summer almost forced the Bills' hand.

So last night the Bills made a move with the Seattle Seahawks to acquire quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.  As of last night the Bills were negotiating a contract with Jackson.  He's 17 - 17 in his career and had 38 touchdowns to 35 interceptions.  Certainly not spectacular but he has attributes that Chan Gailey likes - he's a leader and he can run the high temp offense that Chan Gailey likes.  He threw for 3,000 yards last season.

So when the Bills go into their season opener against the Jets, both Buffalo quarterbacks Young and Thigpen could be former Bills.