The Buffalo Bills will be working on some major upgrades to The Ralph at the conclusion of this NFL season.

Officials say the upgrades are all about making the fan experience better, including installing "super gates." Instead of nine entrances, there will only be six of them, but they're going to be much bigger and more efficient, getting people into the stadium faster than before.

For the fans that are fashionably late (or the ones that like to go into OT tailgating in the parking lot), there will be HD outdoor video screens at each gate to watch as you walk in. WIVB reported that Buffalo Bills Vice President of Marketing Marc Honan said:

Everything about this renovation has been geared towards the fan and the fan experience, whether it's the upgraded WiFi experience, whether it's new video boards, new gates. It's about improving their fan experience, improving game-day safety, game-day entertainment and the general experience of coming to a Bills game.

Buffalo Bills Facebook
Buffalo Bills Facebook

The scoreboard will be 60 feet wider, AND a brand-new scoreboard will be added at the other end of the stadium.

"All of the $130 million in improvements are part of the deal the team signed with Erie County last year. The cost is split between NYS, the county and the Bills."