Trivia time.Think ya know? Name a guy who gave up his full time job to chase a dream that would eventually come true.

If you said Dennis George you are right!Dale and I have not only been fans of, but, friends with Dennis for years.I used to work at the ball park downtown back when it was Pilot Field.As the guy who ran the sound and music for the Bison's games for a few season, I was responsible for making sure "The Quizmaster" was heard by the crowd and was responsible for making the sound effects match the answers correctly.Back then Dennis was working part time for the Bisons as an in-game trivia host.He even had a costume. Thick glasses (taped in the middle) and a flashy sport coat! Sounds corny but he actually made it work.

It was at or about that time that Dennis decided to give up his full time job at Rich Products and chase his dream of becoming a game show host. That is a gamble in any economy. But, to gamble on that with a wife and kids at home is a whole other risk! Fifteen years later...the rest is history.

I'm not trying to blow smoke up the proverbial rear, but, Dennis is a great inspiration to us all. How many of us have dreamed of doing something so daring? How often have you said to yourself "I should really just leave this job and do x,y or z?"True, there are many risks involved and for many of us, it may be more complicated. But, if you look at it on a smaller scale The Quizmaster's story is a good guide for life.

After watching Dennis perform his 15th Anniversary before a packed house, I realized that he is absolulety doing something he loves to do. As a guy who has lost both parents way too early, I speak from experience when I say life is short. If there is something you love, something you are passionate about, what are you waiting for? There are risks involved with any decision you make. What if the benefits (happiness, peace of mind, freedom from anxiety) outweigh the risk?

Congratulations Dennis on 15 years well done. Of all the games and tests and quizzes in your stash, you may have actually had an answer to a trivia question many of us are still trying to answer!