Eric Church signed guitars, chatted with WYRK's Wendy Lynn and sipped whiskey backstage before gates opened for Taste of Country 2012.

Eric kept his glass of whiskey close while meandering the backstage area at Coca Cola field and said he needed it to keep warm.

Eric chatted with Wendy and said "I have stories about this city," referring to Buffalo. He didn't go into further details, but we're hoping if he keeps sipping at the Jack Daniels, he'll loosen up enough to share them with us. asked Eric the same four questions we're asking all the Taste of Country 2012 artists: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Eric: (Holds up glass) Jack. Do you have any tattoos?

Eric: No, but maybe by the end of the night I'll have some. What's your favorite dinosaur?

Eric: Velociraptor What's your go-to karaoke song?

Eric: I hate karaoke.

A man of few words, but his voice somehow makes us okay with that.

Check out some pictures of Eric backstage at Taste of Country 2012 and be on the lookout for video later!

Eric Church chats with WYRK's Wendy Lynn

Eric signs some Taste of Country 2012 posters

Lucky WYRK listeners will get guitars signed by Eric!

Check back on later for exclusive video from our interview with Eric and check out more Taste of Country 2012 coverage HERE!