The summer can be a fattening time of year.  Pool/Block parties, festivals, fairs, they all add up to lots of eating and lots of extra pounds around your waist!  When you are enjoying a day at a theme park, you’re hardly thinking of the calories and fat in that funnel cake you’re eating.  You just want it….and you’ll deal with the consequences later.  Did you ever wonder how much fat and calories are in some of your favorite theme park foods?  Whether you did or didn’t, here’s a lil guide for you.  That super-sized jumbo pretzel.. that’s larger than your kid’s face is in nearly 530 calories.  It also contains about 100grams of carbohydrates.  You’re just about done for the day!

-The ever-so-delicious funnel cake- How can something so light be so heavy in calories and fat.  It’s fried!!!—700 calories, 40g of fat!

-The big ole turkey leg…(and it is ridiculously tasty)-this theme park treat hits the gut with force- 1,136 calories and 54g of fat!

Now-a-days it’s popular to fry everything….butter, kool-aid and the popular fried Oreo.  Your serving is usually 6 (lets say)….well each delicious cookie is valued at 100 calories.

There are smarter options when choosing food at the fairs and festivals.  Kabobs are the way to go.  A chicken kabob will most likely only cost you 150 calories per skewer.  The kabob has a nice balance of protein and vegetables.

-Who can go wrong with a nice corn on the cob.  This option is another smart one.  If you are going full-butter-dipped…you’re looking at 200+ calories.  Skip all the salt and buttery goodness and you’re looking at a 60 calorie snack.

Cotton Candy- 100 calories per ounce

(Radio Online)