A Winnipeg referee is in some hot water after he tried to break up a fight on the ice last weekend. The video shows the ref as he tries to break up a fight that was brewing between two players.

The parents are yelling from the get go, "Get your hands off our kids!" Then, as one player goes after another, the ref gets between them, and both the instigating player and the referee go to the ice. In the scuffle, the player broke his wrist.

**WARNING: Explicit language throughout the entire video**

I have a few thoughts on this whole video.

First of all, it looked like a ref trying to do what a ref does. He was trying to maintain control of the game. It's terrible that a grown man had to pick two 12 year olds apart for fighting on ice. It's even worse he lost his balance and the kid got hurt in the process. I never like to see someone get hurt in sports. However, did you see what led to the chaos?

The kid that got hurt was starting the fight! The parents were cursing (at a 12 year old's hockey GAME)! This is a GAME.

I believe in tough competition, but this is insane. And it shows just how ugly parents can get. It's little league. You know, it's possible to win a bunch of trophies and still fail at life. How sad is that?

Seriously, your kid was acting like a punk, and you wanted the ref to look the other way? Your kid started it! Granted, I only saw from when the video started, but what I saw was disgraceful. These parents should be ashamed of themselves first and then of their kid. What the heck are you teaching him? You can start a fight, and when someone comes in to break it up, it's their fault when you get hurt?

Next time your kid decides to poke someone, how are you going to feel when a responsible adult sits back and lets the other kid clean his clock? Oh...nevermind, I know. You'll just blame that other kid.

A lot of people will sit there and say, I hope the parent, the ref, the coach, gets banned from hockey. I don't feel that way. I hope that the parent, the ref and the coach start to think with a clear mind and keep the kids at the center of their concern. I hope they all teach them good sportsmanship and stop giving sports a bad name. There's a lot to learn from sports. Not all competition is bad. We just need more people that take the high road.

You don't want your kid to get hurt in a fight, teach them how to avoid them. Take some responsibility for your children. Teach them the lessons they need to learn or someone else will.