You can't imagine the amount of work and time that goes into putting together the annual show we call the "Taste of Country."  Over the years we've learned a lot of things and made adjustments to produce a great, family event.  We try to cover all the bases, but one thing we have no control over is the weather. 

In the history of this event, the weather was never worse than Friday night at Coca-Cola Field.  And it seemed to get worse as the night went on.  Rain is one thing, but the wind made it just too dangerous for Eric Church to take the stage.  And when you consider what happened during the Sugarland show last year in Indiana, I can understand his decision.  He issued an apology and says he owes us one. We'll keep you updated on that.

Every one of the four acts that did hit the stage were great.  I especially liked the Eli Young Band.  I got to talk to Mike Eli after the performance, and he was absolutely amazed that so many people would hang out in the rain for hours to enjoy the show.  And he said it didn't seem to bother anybody.

When the band is on stage, he says they get a sense of how they're being received and there was no doubt Buffalo fans were really "into it."  And for them, there's no bigger thrill than to hear the crowd singing the lyrics to their songs at the top of their lungs.

It was a memorable night for the Eli Young Band and that's thanks to Buffalo's country music fans.