Believe this!  The average American consumes about 2-3 lbs. of sugar each week.  Per year that works out to 104-156 lbs. per year.  Man...that's a lot of sweets!

How about this...Sugars contribute to and/or aggravate health problems such as asthma, mood disorders, diabetes, gall stones, heart disease and arthritis, just to name a few.

With all this said, a team of scientists from the Univ. of California, San Francisco feel that......... strict regulations should be put on the usage of sugar.  They say it is as addictive as tobacco or alcohol and should be taxed.  The scientists also feel that sugar should have an age restriction placed on it!!

So, how do you feel about that?

How do you police sugar consumption?

Do you blood test kids at school?


(Metro Source)