The Top Five YouTube Videos Of 2014 [VIDEOS]
I remember when YouTube became "a thing" and everyone was talking about what they saw there.  Well, it's even bigger in 2014 and the videos get even more views.  So what are the biggest videos of 2014 on YouTube?
Find Out The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2014
BabyCenter.com has released their annual Top 100 baby names for both boys and girls for the year. You'll see a few familiar and and a few new names on the list this year.
Here are the results:
 10 most popular girl names of 2014:
Top Country First Dance Songs For 2014 Weddings
You've been engaged now for a while. You set the date. You met with the banquet hall and booked your DJ. Now he wants to have a meeting to go over your song choices. But you have no idea what you want to dance to!!
No worries. We've got your back...again.
NCAA Tournament Coming Back To Buffalo!! [VIDEO] [Possibly NSFW]
The NCAA men's basketball tournament is returning to Buffalo.  That's right, Buffalo will host some of the early round games in the 2014.  The NCAA announced that the First Niagara Center will host first and second round games on March 20th and 22nd in 2014.  The last time
Is JC Penney Really Going to Ditch Cashiers and Cash Registers? [VIDEO]
I saw this article while surfing the net last night and I figured to bring it to the table because it could affect many Western New Yorkers, but make the lives of some easier.  JC Penney plans to get rid of cashiers and cash registers by 2014.  The chain's CEO Ron Johnson (formerly of…