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Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck Still Uses A Flip Phone
When you think about modern sports stars, you may think of them owning flashy things.  I always picture fancy houses, expensive cars and all the best that money can buy.  I'm incredibly encouraged when I see one of those sports stars that isn't impressed with the finer things.
Do We Need Two Phones in Our Pockets?
Would you carry around a second phone? Nokia is hoping just that. Why would you want to do that? The phone you have does everything you want it to do. Conversation, text, internet – it’s got everything except a lot of power. How often does your phone die on you?
Are You Addicted To Your Cell Phone? [POLL]
Are YOU addicted to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry?  If you say no, try leaving your phone at home for a few days.  How about one day?  I bet some of us can't even do that!  A new survey found that 66% of Americans polled say that they are afraid to be without their cell phone, even for the shor…

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