Best Man Falls Down The Stairs [Video]
I've been to enough weddings as a DJ to think that I've seen just about everything.  I've even seen a wedding where there were pigs and chickens released to run amongst the guests!  But it never gets old seeing people fall.
One Guy Gets Run Over By 2 Different Trucks [Video]
Have you seen the movie "Dumb And Dumber"?  Because this easily could have been a scene in that movie.  Guy #1 decides to get out of his truck while it's still in reverse.  That truck runs him over.  For some reason, his buddy (Guy #2) is in the truck in front of Guy #1 and Guy #2  decides…
How NOT To Accept Your Graduation Diploma [VIDEO]
If you act like a doofus, you deserve what comes to you!  In this video, you will see a girl (probably a class clown) try and make her graduation walk into a funny one.  Joke is on her!!!   Listen for the perfectly timed cackle at the :07 mark.  Hahahahaha
Boat Named Titanic II Sinks On Its First Trip Out
If you were going to name a boat, pick a name that you WOULDN"T go with.  If you just said Titanic, you are right. 
It's no secret that the name Titanic has a bad reputation in the shipping world, but  boat owner Mark Wilkinson decided to test fate and name his own ship a…
Man Flashes A Gun When His Kids Don’t Get Cake
What is wrong with some parents these days?  So much for the clown being the scariest person at a birthday party.
Police arrested 48-year-old Joseph Hayes on Saturday after the South Memphis, Tennessee man whipped out a gun when his kids didn't get any cake or ice cream at a child's bi…
Dad Drops Daughter And The Ball [Video]
Father Of The Year Awards get ready!
With a foul ball heading toward him, and his daughter in his arms, a man at a Los Angeles Dodger's game had to make a split-second choice
He decided to drop his daughter and go for the catch. While this may have been a justifiable decision if he had been able to sn…
Runner Misses Starting Gun [Video]
I'm less than two weeks out from the big race next Sunday so I've been watching a lot of racing video to become inspired to run my best race.
There's something to be said for an athlete who can be relaxed before a big match.  Whether it's a football game or a foot race, it's often a good idea to clea…
Furniture Moving Fail [Video]
Before I worked in radio, I had lots of jobs.  One of them was delivering furniture.  While I've had my horror stories of moving things, I've never had something like this happen.  But then again, I've never tried pushing anything out a second story window either...