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Chicken Takes a Ride on a Roomba!
We've seen video's of cat's riding the roomba vacuum but I wouldn't have believed this without seeing it.  A family that has chicken's found one of them riding their Roomba.
Take a look!
Animals Stealing Food – Funny Video
I couldn't stop laughing watching this video. These animals are pretty sly taking the food away from these unsuspecting people.
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Little Girl Shows Off Her Natural Talent As A Conductor
It looks to me like this little girl is a natural at conducting an orchestra.  She seems to really get it.  Her career path may already have been made.  Check out this adorable video!
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Dog Beats Baby At The Crying Game – Cute Video!
I'm thinking either this dog is a diva and just wants the attention the baby gets when they cry or the baby's crying hurts the dogs ears.  Either way, the dog wins for loudest cry and seems to distract the baby from crying more.

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