Eating While Driving Made Easy Thanks To McDonald’s
It seems like a no-brainer. Eating on the go can be tricky. If you are driving and have passenger with you, it is their job to hand you the food as you're moving down the highway.
Fortunately, McDonald's has found a way for you to enjoy your fries even on the solo road trips!
Tragedy! McDonald’s Delays McRib Release
Bad news for fans of the porky substance that is McDonald's McRib sandwich. Instead of being sold beginning on October 22nd, as was initially planned, the limited time offering won't hit markets until late December. Bah humbug!
Why McDonald’s Burgers Look Better In TV Ads [VIDEO]
Television bombards us with tons of commercials every time we sit down to enjoy a show. One company that you are sure to see regularly is McDonald's.  The company that boasts the glorious golden arches always shows skinny people who most likely do not eat the food, enjoying themselves while chowing …
McDonald’s To Stop Using “Pink Slime” In Burgers!
Who knew you weren't eating 100% pure beef when eating burgers at America's favorite burger joint?  Whatever it is, it tastes good, right? (not really sure anymore, haven't eaten a fast food burger in years)
Well, McDonald's has announced that it will stop using the food additive known as "pink …

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