Tragedy! McDonald’s Delays McRib Release
Bad news for fans of the porky substance that is McDonald's McRib sandwich. Instead of being sold beginning on October 22nd, as was initially planned, the limited time offering won't hit markets until late December. Bah humbug!
Why McDonald’s Burgers Look Better In TV Ads [VIDEO]
Television bombards us with tons of commercials every time we sit down to enjoy a show. One company that you are sure to see regularly is McDonald's.  The company that boasts the glorious golden arches always shows skinny people who most likely do not eat the food, enjoying themselves while chowing …
McDonald’s To Stop Using “Pink Slime” In Burgers!
Who knew you weren't eating 100% pure beef when eating burgers at America's favorite burger joint?  Whatever it is, it tastes good, right? (not really sure anymore, haven't eaten a fast food burger in years)
Well, McDonald's has announced that it will stop using the food additive known as "pink …
Man Sings His Order At McDonald’s Drive Thru [Video]
Check out this guy as he sings his order at the McDonald's drive thru.  That's right.  He sings it.  I've spoken my order at drive thru's plenty of times and still gotten the wrong order.  I'm not sure who I'm more impressed by, the guy singing his o…
McDonalds Is Making Changes To The Happy Meal
Every now and then it is nice to take my daughter to McDonalds for a happy meal treat. It's not something that I have gotten into the habit of getting her very often. Maybe a couple times a month. We've all heard about childhood obesity and how much of a problem it is, the news seems to ha…
Man Eats 25,000 Big Macs! [Video]
I love eating. As a matter of fact I have been crowned champ of the burger contest at K and L Lanes in Gowanda in the past! Still I doubt that I could eat the same thing every day for as long as this guy has. He has set the world record for eating Big Macs.
Job Seekers Run Over By Driver at McDonald’s [VIDEO]
A fight broke out at one McDonald's in Cleveland causing the McDonald's to stop hiring. After the fight someone got in a car, put it in reverse and ran over two people. All of this tragic madness was caught on video by a camera.
Story Contributed by Kevin Sealey

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