Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back!a
The only thing that could be as exciting as this is if people started wearing bright neon colors and Saved By The Bell was coming back too.  Although there were very mixed reviews when it came out, after popular demand, Pepsi is bringing back its clear cola - Crystal Pepsi.
Crystal Pepsi Might Be Making a Comeback!
Do you remember Crystal Pepsi?  It came out in the 90's and failed miserably.  I loved it and was disappointed when I found out that they weren't going to make it anymore after only a year on the shelves.  But it might be making a come back soon thanks to a YouTube star.
Dale Plays Flip Cup And Shocks Everyone [VIDEO]
Brett Alan hosted a party over the weekend and it did not disappoint! The food was delicious and plentiful and the beer...and pepsi was cold!
After a wonderful afternoon of socializing a round of flip cup was suggested and of course I jumped...
7 Reasons Why You May Want Stop Consuming Diet Soda!!
Many people I know have ditched the full flavor/calorie sodas for the diet ones.  It may not be the best decision.  I too am in that group....I can't remember when the last time was that I purchased regular Coke or Pepsi.  I, as well as a majority of Americans, feel that we can cut corners on calori…
Pepsi To Release “Pepsi Pink”
Pepsi has annonced that they are going to release a strawberry-milk flavored cola drink.  That sounds absolutely nasty to me.  Have you ever had a big glass of milk and then followed it with a nice cold glass of pop?  Ugh...
Is Pepsi Losing Its Fizz?
What is the better soft drink: Coke or Pepsi? Yes, a very subjective question and the answer may be dependant on where you ask that question.  My sister lives in Atlanta, home to the Coca-Cola museum.  Atlanta is a Coke town.