Puppies Running For Their Dinner [VIDEO]
Those corners can be tricky!  Watch as these puppies grow up right before your eyes.  Their owner took a video of them every few weeks after he calls them for dinner.  It starts with them at 11 weeks.
Watch This 12-Day-Old Bulldog Puppy Actively Dream [VIDEO]
Anyone that knows me well knows that the day I get a dog it will be an English Bulldog. I can't get enough of them! Those faces...those stocky bodies...ugh. I. JUST. CANT. So videos of bulldog puppies really do me in! Look at this one having a very active dream...
Today is “National Puppy Day” [VIDEO]
Gee, who knew? Yes, today is National Puppy Day!  (Who makes up these things?) Can we agree we ALL love puppies, though all our canines have been adults when we got them since they have been rescue or shelter dogs.

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