Hear Winter Wonderland Played On Beer Bottles [VIDEO]
If you're like me you are counting down the days till Buffalo On Tap! January 15-16th can't come soon enough! With hundreds of craft beers to try including all of the local beers from WNY it is going to be an awesome weekend! Here is something to not only get you in the mood for Christmas …
Have You Ever Seen A Christmas Flash Mob? [VIDEO]
I am sure you have seen a "flash mob". They have been popping up all over the world the past few years. There are probably hundreds of different flash mob videos on YouTube.
But, have you ever seen a Christmas Flash Mob? Bob Terray of Lancaster recently shared this video with me and…
I’m Pregnant and I know it Parody [VIDEO]
I saw this You Tube video the other day and I was dying laughing! This mother to be did a parody of the LMFAO song I'm sexy and I know it. This one is title I'm pregnant and I know it and if you couldn't tell the girl in the video is having a baby...
What The Heck Is He Trying To Sing? [VIDEO]
The song in this video sounds vaguely familiar.  I give this guy credit, he's obviously intoxicated, he has no teeth and he has a guitar that needs a bit of tuning.
Let us make this fun....see if you can name that tune!!!
Help Me Write A Song!
I figured I would try something a little different. On my way into work today, like many days, a song lyric came to mind.