It’s a tale as old as time (no, not the Beauty and the Beast kind though…). Your friends all have dates for Valentine’s Day, and you don’t have any plans. Maybe your friends have expensive dinner dates, or are going to couples’ massages, and you’re the lone singleton who will most likely use Valentine’s Day as a day to catch up on laying on the couch and watching sitcoms. It’s OK - it’s really not that bad. I’m right there with you. It can be true unadulterated bliss, though. It’s not often we can squeak in some quiet time with our busy schedules. But, it’s not all positive for everyone.

If you are feeling a little bit sulky that you won’t be given red roses, jewelry, or chocolate by a significant other, that’s where music steps in. Given that music is the ultimate cure-all, fear not, there are multiple songs to get you through the day.

Whether you’re looking for something upbeat and anthemic, something by legendary diva Celine Dion (and when you start listening to one song, you won’t be able to stop without having an entire marathon), or something straight emo, you’ll be feeling all the feels with these songs. Don’t be afraid to have yourself a little dance party, too, and let it all out. You’ll have fun, and you’ll be indulging in good music - can’t think of a better time than that. Create yourself a playlist (you can start with these ones and add on) and just enjoy your single and empowered day!

Songs To Listen To When You're Single in Buffalo

If you are feeling a little bit single and sulky on Valentine's Day in Buffalo, there are multiple songs to get you through the day.

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