Dad Argues With Toddler – And Nearly Loses
It's tough being a parent.  You always feel like you should be right in every single argument.  You've had more life experiences, you've seen more things in your life, you should be right....right?  Not with every single toddler...
Woman Gets Fined After 3 Year Old Pees in Yard
Duty called for 3-year-old Dillon Warden while he was standing in the middle of his front yard. Than he did the unthinkable thing a toddler would NEVER do…he peed. Unfortunately, a cop that saw the entire incident did not think it was so cute.
Which Wins- Sleep v.s. Ice Cream? [VIDEO]
This video is pretty funny, it's a bit long, but funny.  Watch as this poor lil toddler fights of sleep just to take another bite of his wonderful chocolate ice cream cone.  It's almost as good as ......