Tom Petty

Last Time Tom Petty Was In Buffalo…
There's no question that Top Petty is one of the biggest rock icons of his time. I regret that I've never seen him in concert. So what was the last concert he had in Buffalo like?
Tom Petty on Today’s Country Radio?
Tom Petty has passed away at the age of 66. Petty was one of the best singer-songwriters of our time and although he was known for being a rock n' roll star, I can't help but think how many of his songs would be played on today's country radio.
Tom Petty Blasts Modern Country Music
On May 26, Tom Petty took a swipe at modern country music from the stage of the Beacon Theater in New York City. He called today's country "bad rock with a fiddle," and further expanded on those comments during a recent interview.
Do We Influence Our Children?
Being a parent is always full of surprises. My children have proven their ability to make me laugh, make me cry and sometimes amaze me. My daughter Shelby is taking after me with her music. Years back, I taught her the baiscs of guitar and she has pleasantly surprised me by sticking with the instrum…
Why is Tom Petty Angry With Michele Bachmann [VIDEO]
It can't be a good election without some rock star getting mad at a politician for using his or her song as their campaign theme song. is reporting that rocker Tom Petty is upset with presidential candidate Michele Bachmann for using his song "American Girl" at her an…