You’re Doing It Wrong: Gym Fails From 2014 [VIDEO]
Isn't it funny that you can always find a treadmill or a weight machine in your gym in June and July but there's not a chance in January?  Those resolutions wear off quickly.  And even people who try to hold on to those resolutions still have a hard time at the gym.
Check Out Miranda Lambert’s “Workout” Playlist! [VIDEO]
Everybody has a certain type of music they prefer to listen to when they work out.  For me, I like it upbeat and fast.  I love my country music, but for treadmill work I need dance, house, pop, hip-hop..etc..etc!  In a recent interview with, Miranda Lambert shared her workou…
Carrie Underwood Shares Workout Secrets In Self Magazine
Carrie Underwood is back in the action with her new single and video ‘Good Girl, now you can see her on the cover of the April issue of ‘Self’ magazine.  In the article, Carrie shares her favorite nutrition app, go-to-dinner and pre-event workout saying “ I do more cardio and fewer weights than usua…