When you are from Buffalo, there's a unique pride that goes along with it. Sure, everyone is proud of their hometown but it's different in Buffalo and Western New York.

Maybe it's the fact we get mocked for our snow. Perhaps laughed at by the lack of success in sports (Bills, Sabres). It also could be the fact there's "nothing to do here," even though that's absolutely false. Usually, the people who say those things have never been here, or their only experience is a brief glimpse and they draw conclusions.

I love when people come to Buffalo who have never been here and they are blown away by the food, sights, and amazing people that make up this community.

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However, there are some stereotypes that are true. In fact, let's be honest, there are a host of things you have to do or be if you're a Buffalonian. You can call them our own commandments.

Without further delay, here are the 10!

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