A big snowfall is expected to hit Western New York starting today around 5 PM. Some areas are going to see up to 10 inches of snow so, hopefully, you didn't put away your snow shovels just yet.

According to our friends over at WIVB, here are the snow totals for this weekend's snowstorm.

Niagara County: up to 10"

Buffalo area: up to 5"

Springville: up to 1"

Westfield: less than 1"

The closer you are to Lake Ontario, the more snow you will see. Of course, just when you think the snow WILL be done around here in Western New York, it's not. Don't put your shovels away just yet!

Take a look at some of the snow total predictions from Mike Cejka from Channel 4:

Buffalo has one of the weirdest Winter seasons on record. To start, this was the third snowiest Winter that Western New York has ever had. We had over 101 inches of snowfall at the Buffalo airport. In addition, we had the Christmas Blizzard, a 4-foot-snowfall, and an ice storm--certainly, a Winter for the record books.

Someone destroyed the memorials outside of Russell's.

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