We all know that Santa Claus doesn't make any money...but if he did, how much would his salary be? And what other jobs could he do to make more?

A website called insure.com just tried to figure out how much Santa's salary would be if he got paid for all of the jobs that he does. Turns out, it's a pretty good chunk of change...but for all the things that he does, he should probably still make more.

Think about all the things that he does. He's a manager of the toy shop, an animal caretaker, he wraps presents, he has to investigate whether kids are naughty or nice, and heck, he should get a ton of money for all the presents he has to get wrapped.

He does a lot!  And after figuring it all out...Insure.com claims that his salary should be $157,000. A very respectable salary.  But come on...

So I looked at USAwage.com to find 10 jobs in Buffalo that pay more than Santa's Salary. Here are 10 jobs that he could do here in Buffalo and still make more:

10 Jobs That Pay More Than Santa's Salary In Buffalo


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